visual artist. sleeps and works in Vienna 

Fine Arts. University of Applied Arts Vienna AT
Journalism in combination with Theatre Studies and Sociology. University of Vienna AT

Exhibitions/ Projects (selected)
2020 Time, Red Carpet Showroom Volkstheater, Vienna AT
2020 Phantasia: Twisting the Mind’s Eye, Blickle Kino/ Belvedere 21, Vienna AT
2020 siaf20, Salzburg International Airport, Salzburg AT
2020 Mixed Reality Feelings, AiR, Prelude Projects, NYC US
2020 YOU CAN CALL ME AI, studio Jasmin Edelbrunner, Vienna AT
2020 dance dance dance, Ghost Art Project, US
2020 the noise of painting, Galerie Kunstfabrik, Gr.-Siegh. AT  
2019 Mimose, Spektakel Wien, Vienna  AT
2019 siaf, Salzburg International Airport, Salzburg AT
2019 Art Austria, Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna AT
2019 Young Art, p.contemporary, Perchtoldsdorf AT
2018 Art Austria, Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna AT
2017 Inszenierte Projekte, publishing project, Vienna Secession AT
2016 The Essence 16, Alte Post, Vienna AT
2016 EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED, University of Applied Arts, Vienna AT
2015 Vienna Contemporary, Marx Halle, Vienna AT
2015 The Essence 15, Vienna Künstlerhaus AT
2015 Alles wird Besser, Educult Museumsquartier, Vienna AT
2015 Doppelspiel, Galerie Salzamt, Linz AT
2014 Kunst und Käse, Screening, Cinema Schikaneder, Vienna AT
2014 Early Birds, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna AT
2014 The Essence 14, Vienna Künstlerhaus AT
2014 8hours work–8hours linger–8hours rest, Galerie Kunstfabrik, Gr.-Siegh. AT
2014 From There To Here, SGCI, San Francisco US
2013 Disco Citrus Vulgaris, Celeste, Vienna AT
2013 Thought Machines, Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Vienna AT

Bibliography (selected)
Jasmin Edelbrunner. Inszenierte Projekte. 2017.
Fac Artem, Forma Futura. dieAngewandte. 2016.  
Doppelspiel. exhibition catalogue. 2015.
The White Cube. Artist Book. 2014.
Thought Machines. Edition Angewandte. 2013.

Grants/ Residencies 
2020 Work grant. Department of Cultural Affairs. City of Vienna AT 
2020 Digital Artist-in-Residence. Prelude Projects. NYC US 

Graphics Department at Austrian National Library. Vienna AT 
SGCI Zuckermen Museum of Art. Kennesaw Georgia US 
Brooklyn Art Library. NYC US

Press (selected)
2020 Jasmin Edelbrunner, a contemporary beatnik. Horst und Edeltraut.
2020 Interview. Jasmin Edelbrunner. Les Nouveaux Riches. 
2019 Story Behind the Artwork. Art Verge.
2015 Alte Schinken, Neue Früchtchen. The Gap.  
2014 Arts&Studies. EIKON Int. Magazine for Photography and Media Art.